ersi varveri

 MDF, 180 x 175 x 160 cm

"Stair way to heaven deals with a condition of invalidation and destabilisation. A staircase that no one can climb, a rocking chair - a seesaw, on which no one can sit, pose a dilemma that eventually denies its own validity. The artwork operates as a closed circuit which keeps returning us to the starting point; it takes us back to ourselves. In a playful manner it defines a condition of vanity, a Sisyphean effort, an allegory of human condition. It depicts a conflict, a swing, but eventually a balance, even if that' s on a single point."
Galini Notti  
'Vanishing point' ,action field Kodra 2012 - curated by Galini Notti, Evita Tsokanta, Katerina Nikou

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