ersi varveri

in the land of spare room - ROOMS, Pink House, Feb 2019

in my studio,

created an extra room using my clothes to make walls and a closet as a door to this room

half of this room was painted white.

Visitors could enter from the wardrobe. As the mythical world of Narnia, were animals could talk and time goes slow. 

in the land of spare room: One view, one corner was white ~ reflecting infinity, as one could project any though... any imaginary world

My clothes became the walls to devide this room from the rest of my studio space

in the land of spare room was presented during ROOMS, Pink House, Feb 2019. ROOMS was a project initiated by Ersi Varveri (myself) and Gijs Waterschoot (my partnet) in the Pink House when we still lived and worked there. This project had the attempt to keep the house open to the visitors for a weekend. Each resident of the house opened hers or his studio, invited their own guests in their room/studio to - show a work - and/or prepare a contribution for the PHp #4 ROOMS magazine that was reliesed for this ocations.

During the weekend all the pages of the magazine were laying in each room. To have a comlete edition visitors had to enter every room in order to collect all the pages. 

Rooms was stretching the idea of hospitality and zine making. in the land of spare room is connected with research project 'becoming a space'

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