ersi varveri

h/work/worker • Industrial Museum Syros 

 The building of the museum, was a factory for processing animal skin (Tannery) that is currently used as both a museum and a university library.

h/work/works is a site specific work, focused on the industrial history of the island, extending to personal interpretations 

Work in textile factories interweaves with female experience and is associated with the bloom of industrial production in Ermoupolis end of 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Women's work, albeit largely invisible, buried under conditions of exhausting hours and minimum payment, • was nevertheless the most important factor in the urban development of the island. The project attempts to unite the thread of memory, women's experience and work within the very place where the experiences of the workers who were struggle and who remained in obscurity.

Ermoupolis / Syros / 2009


cure #1

4 symbolic objects are placed in 2 bookcases trying to make a path between the nature of the place and its history. 

a pile of photocopies.

one jar with a goat leg in formol.

a vase of flowers

one jar of liquid acid with a piece of leader, old tool, found in the museum.

•4 determinations of time


from a laboratory, timelapse

from an office - the everyday 

from my studio work-in-progress

from my limpse of cuted love 



shelf, sheets made in the old textile factories of Syros

swing, wool, wire

Cure #2

Passing through an artificial lane you can see present and past reflections blurring in the mirror

stills from video/ 'rinse out'

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