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Become a wear was a happening of clothing and printed matter, presented in Forbidden City, Dec. 2018. Forbidden city was located in a pedestrian street, in the heart of the historical city center of Antwerp. Become a wear transformed f.c.'s main hall into a variation of a clothing shop

with thanks to Emma Robertsson, Rufus Mich, Johan Kauth, Gijs Waterschoot, Valentine Cernat

‘Wondering how to bring on the ‘surface’ my experience of being a host, running a house, how is this related to my work, what my work has become into this process, somehow find a starting point for my research Becoming a space, documenting living and working in the pink house.

I found this oversized sweatshirt. Very big for me I thought, big as a room, so maybe more than one person could fit in.. It's also very white! Too big and too white, there is definitely space for more!  How is this possible?

Asking others, friends, artists and people that I encounter in places that hung out these days (mainly art-book-fairs, cafés, the pink house, fordidden city) to draw or write something on the sweatshirt that afterwards I would embroider. 

This new sweatshirt could be a notebook with different writings, or a collection of drawings, or pieces written on a wall. Or like tattoos that one can put on by wearing this blouse as a second skin. Something that is not permanet on the body. Still, something permanent on this piece of cloth.  

Then I wonder how to share this new sweatshirt and distribute it further. Connect this thought back to the pink house press idea of documenting into zines, I photocopied the embroidered drawings and made a booklet, available for the visitors during the show, together with some other publications.’

contribtions by: Vincent Doreau, Zelie Boubon, Camille Carbonaro, Bannana Bill, Felip Laurant, Nina Cosco, Gijs Watsalon, Rien Schellemans, Rufus Mich, Michela Dal Brollo, Jo Caimo, Camille Cluzan, Bram Van Meervelde, Niko UltravnR, Emma Robertsson, Joud Toamah, Sandie, Ersi Varveri, Bob Verhelst, Johan Kauth

A collection of photocopied t-shirts, copied during the Punk house press residency in the RAFA part of the archive exhibition Naughty Kids punk in Antwerp 1978-2018. T-shirts were from fellow artists, visitors of the show and a few punk t-shirts exhibited in the show

contributions by: Vaast Colson, Nico Dockx, Jesus Eloy, Meryem Erkus, Adam Galach, Erin en Hazel, Johann Kauth, J.Krissis, Ingrid Martens, Lore Onghenae, Vijai Patchineelam, Bence Rohansky, Ersi Varveri, Staf De Vos, Gijs Watsalon, Ward Zwart and more

in the process of making a new sweatshirt, with contributions from the visitors

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