ersi varveri

Ersi Varveri 

b. 1984

Ersi found out that, Her work deals with the fluid truth of life, which sometimes gives the illusion that is just a matter of time, while she lives and works in between Antwerp, Athens and Syros(Greece). She's a gradute of Athens School of Fine Arts(2011), and holds a Master Degree of Fine Arts from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, In Situ (2015) and a Master of Research in Art and Design - St Lucas School of Arts (2016).

~the last 2 year she is running -up and down- the Pink House : 

"a self-organized artist-run space, situated in the north of Antwerp. An old house with three floors and painted in pink, for the last two decades has enabled and hosted many happenings across many different art forms, also constantly changing the group of inhabitants there and the working models according to what each group was envisioning. At the moment the place combines living space, shared studios, a guest room and a ground floor space suitable to host events. Since 2 years, Ersi Varveri and Gijs Waterschoot moved to the Pink House to live but also to continue activities in the space. From January 2018 they get a photocopy machine and since then they formed a publishing workshop, the Pink House Press making their own magazines and zines. They also see pink house press as an experimental platform where they discover other possibilities alongside to printing"

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